Sable car GAZ-2752, 2217, 2310>>

General information

Overall dimensions of cars




Placement of passenger seats in various updatings of the car

GAZ-2752 (seven-seater van)
GAZ-2752 (three-local van)
GAZ-2217,-22171 (seven-seater bus)
GAZ-2217,-22171 (odinnadtsatimestny bus)
GAZ-2310 (three-local with an onboard platform)

Sobol family cars — passenger (buses), passenger-and-freight and cargo, dvukhosny with an independent suspension bracket of forward wheels, a frame design, with a cabin of polukapotny type. The engine is located in front is longitudinal. The drive is carried out on back wheels.

The bus on the chassis of the Sable car has 6 or 10 passenger seats depending on updating.

The GAZ-2752 car has the all-metal closed body from three - or a seven-seater cabin.

The GAZ-2310 car has a three-local cabin and an onboard body.

The car can be equipped with the petrol ZMZ-4063 engine or the diesel GAZ-560 engine. In the management the car design with the ZMZ-4063 engine is reflected.


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